Dia del Arte Correo - artistamp - Mail Art Day


DECEMBER 5, 1999



VORTICE ARGENTINA calls on Argentine and foreign artists and mail artists to participate in the project that will be submitted to Correo Argentino in order to determine the Mail Art Day, at a national level.

The date to be established is December 5, when the "Last International Mail Art Exhibition"* took place. This was the first art show organized by artist Edgardo A.Vigo in Argentina. Thus, his distinguished career as a mail artist is commemorated by all those who are communicated at a distance through art and by mail.

The project to be submitted will consist of three proposals:

1- To determine the Mail Art commemorative date at a national level.

2- To issue a commemorative stamp and postmark of the issuing date, in charge of Correo Argentino.

3- To propose an international exhibition of stamps created by artists, to be staged in the building of the Central Post Office of Correo Argentino.

The support coupons are essential to complete the project to be submitted to Correo Argentino. This is the reason why the data have to be completed, and only the originals will be accepted; otherwise, documentation will be null and void.

Please send the support coupon to:

Bacacay 3103 - C1406GEE, Buenos Aires - Argentina

DEADLINE: November 30, 2000

Organizers: Fernando García Delgado / Juan Carlos Romero

* INFORMATION NOTE: The "Last International Mail Art Exhibition" took place in Alvaro Castagnino's Nuevo Arte Gallery, on 5 December 1975. This is the first Mail Art show organized by Edgardo A.Vigo and Horacio Zabala in Argentina; 199 artists from 24 countries took part.

Please copy and pass on this information. Thanks.


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