December 5 . 1999 Edition



We are gathered here, in the Department of Philately in the Central Palace of Correo Argentino, to celebrate the “Mail Art Day” at a national level, established on December 5. For this reason, today a postmark recalling this day comes into circulation and an International Mail Art Exhibition is inaugurated.

We believe that this chosen date is the most appropriate to be the “Mail Art Day”, since the same December 5 of the year 1975 the "Last International Exhibition of Mail Art" was inaugurated, the first exhibition organized in our country and called by the artists Edgardo Antonio Vigo and Horacio Zabala. This exhibition was held at the Galería Arte Nuevo, directed by Álvaro Castagnino, and in which 199 artists from 24 countries participated.

Today, 25 years after that historic exhibition, we show postage stamps and accession coupons to the project of 227 artists from 28 countries. We think that others will respond to our call, sending adhesions, since our goal is to reach a thousand coupons, which will be presented to Correo Argentino to promote the order to edit a postal stamp dedicated to Mail Art. Perhaps, in 2005 when the thirty years of that first show and five years of the day that we celebrate today, we can send our art with a postage stamp that identifies us.

Finally, we would like to thank, in a very special way, the collaboration provided by the Post Office and Philately management in the Central Palace of Correo Argentino, which thanks to their interest and enthusiasm could be made true the commemorative postmark and the exhibition that we are inaugurating, and all the artists who responded with the accession coupons and with their works to the convocation, making possible this meeting to celebrate together the “Mail Art Day”.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 6, 1999



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