December 5 . 1999 Edition

Info 13.11.99


Dear friends, last October 27th, after a meeting with the Philately Department of the Argentine Mail Office, the realization of a canceller commemorating the Mail Art Day was finally confirmed. 

Given that this will eventually happen on Sunday, a day in which all post offices are closed, the meeting and the assorted activities will take place on Monday 6th, from 7 to 9 p.m. 

The activities' schedule will be sent by e-mail by the last week of November. In order to organize the schedule, all those artists and mailartists interested in participating are requested to contact VORTICE ARGENTINA.

The coupons in support of the project will be received until November 30th. The full list of participants will be attached to the general project, and then given to the Argentine Mail Office. Thus, those who still haven't sent their coupons are able to do it until the afore-mentioned date.

Your participation will also help in the future realization of a commemorative stamp by the Argentine Mail Office. 

The canceller will be available for approximately 10 days to anyone looking forward to using it when corresponding. Please feel free to ask us for any information regarding the event.

Thanks for your support.

P.S.: Please, pass along this international call and information to your friends. Thanks.



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