7º International Meeting of

Experimental, Sound & Visual Poetry




On cultural diversity,

constructing an experimental poetry of today

by Maribel Martínez (Argentina)*



"...the original game of each thing begins;

any being meditates in pursuit of the Great Word,...

Everything has to penetrate in all things;

the whole has to blossom and  ripen for all that exists;

each thing draws its own image on other things

and merges with all others in the current,..."

NOVALIS  (“Enrique de Ofterdingen”)



As a display factor, from a decisive intensity and inexhaustible creativity, a kind of cultural diversity affirms itself with an ever increasing strength, in a trans-disciplinarian laterality (or crossing of genders), for the construction of an experimental poetry in Argentina and in the world.


In the dawn of the 21st century, like an initiation axis, one already finds a permanent intersection of new languages, mediums, and blending sequences in an intercultural territory, with its possible identities, different expressions, urban borders, or regional traits, a borderless territory that is instated as a text amenable to projections, in which each author or reader-spectator shall be able to surpass, modify, alter, or create another semantic texture of the visual, another attitude or sharp gaze, in search for outlines or plans or guidelines to address them, in a kind of experimental poetic map, on which to draw the multiple signs, situational or meaning graphs -the day-to-day, the processes of human remembrance or memory, certain political and social accent, the playful-fictional, the trace of violence, the unpredictable nothing, the silence, or an acid gesture, whether or not simulated, of banality.


All such indicators somehow point at other ways of expansion, or to opening gates, in which the phoneme, the moneme, the word or the non-linear events, swing in zigzags of seams and fusion. Hence, a space and time of another generation is designed, an entrance with no boundaries, in which visual poetry, poetry-poetry, or the poetry of the unconventional poetry can become a rich weave of visual laterality, whether as a ritual of the image, a narrative of the object, a sound (or mantric) ceremony, a technological instant, or the cultural trans-genders available to any individual in its personal or collective context.


In these explorations that take us from “The Egg” calligram by Simias De Rodas, the animal-shaped poems of the Hebrew culture, the futurist poems, Octavio Paz’ topoems, the mathematical poems of our paradigmatic Edgardo Antonio Vigo, the web-based anipoemas by Ana María Uribe, to the International Meetings of Visual, Sound and Experimental Poetry uninterruptedly convened and organized by Vortice Argentina, now in its 7th edition, we converge in an act as minimum and essential as breathing (this other poetry) the oxygen of sensitivities to explore the diversity of this multicultural path we’ve taken.  A potential third millennium hologram of overlapping “p’s” as in project, pulsion, sometimes peril, some other times, passion, or poverty, or possibilities.  And forever, the “p” of P-E-A-C-E.  Amen.



* translated by María Rosa Andreotti