5th Newsletter                                                            by LUC FIERENS
Dear Mail-artists, networkers,
This is my fifth newsletter and  (if you don't want to receive my newsletter, please let me know)
if you want to renew our contact, please do and send  your information by e-mail & visual poetry
(by snail-mail) .........
After my urgent messages (Enfantterriblepostnewsletters 1 - 4 ) here i am again.
This newsletter is still a  letter of thoughts,i want to share with the growing community of mailartists
on/outside ( i hate the word snail-mail) the Net.
Information is available on several sites, so this is more a personal comment, this is my personal
After the Kosovo crisis, i renewed contact with Dobrica Kamperelic and i was happy to see new
issues of his "obsessed" Open Worldnewsletter but i understand Steve Perkins'reaction to
Dobrica's sometimes too SerbNationalisticviews. I guess we must inform all artists about these discussions .
I feel that we need NO more HAIDERs because they can SERIOUSLY DAMAGE  (Y)OUR HEALTH.
Also here in Belgium, artists and the whole intellectual "elite" must be ready to attack the
extreme-right Vlaams Blokpolitical party to block  their run to power in several provincial cities.
Mechelen, the city where we still live is one of their next targets and Annina and i feel responsable
to support the integration of our immigrant community (mostly Maroccan and Turkish).
After our "Living in the Mirror" Mail-artworkshops for immigrant kids in Molenbeek (Brussels) with
Foyer from October 99 till beginning of this month, Febr.2000, ......
Annina and I hope make a  new series of MAIL-artworkshops possible in our neighborhoud in
Mechelen. That's why Annina will follow a course for animator to inspire me even more …
I hope every mail-artist will take his responsibility and support/aid every social orientated artproject
in his community to make our world/life locally -globally better.
I'm happy when i hear that many Austrian artists will protest every week against Haider in Vienna.
We need NO MORE extreme right in this World.
See what's happening with Pinochet, TOTAL, ECHELON, Indonesia, Grozny, the workers of Clabecq
and Renault (B) and many big companies who are reorganizing: Unilever etc.., Please help to free
Abu Jamal ... why didn't  Benetton put him on their posters? The money (your hard/cheap? labour)
of our capitalistic system is travelling/moving without frontiers to the most wealthy, i hope also our
heART/ solidarity will keep on travelling  to those who NEED it most ...?
The Net can be useful in this process.
P.S: here in Belgium, a naive computerfreak has hacked the Bloombergwebsite and manipulated
with fake info of Microsoft. He will probably not be prosecuted. Great !!
Some personal news:
What have we been up to since the last newsletter :
1) sept' 99 - performance "Target" Galery Eye Candy in Mechelen in support of Yugoslav and
all networkers in difficult (war)situations !
2) oct'99 - Febr. 2000 - We continued the Kids'mail-artworkshops in Molenbeek & St.Joost (Brussel)
3)Nov.99 -FEmail-art - C.C.Ter Dilft (Bornem) (B) 1500 visitors/in one day & 5 minutes on prime-time
TV and many interesting women. There are almost no catalogues left (many copies were purchased 
by Women's Studies Dept. etc.) We  hope  FeMail-artists have found each other through Annina's 
4) February 2000 Guido Vermeulen, Annina and myself work on future Artists'books/Mail-artprojects. 
More news later.
5) March 2000 -Exhibition Cult. Café B'Art Deco, Mechelen(B) Exhibition of drawings (Annina) /
documentary video / collages (Luc Fierens)
6) this summer, maybe we will travel to Minden (who will be coming to Minden for Peter + Angela?)
or to ?
If you want us to visit you and make a travelling exhibit/lecture, please tell us, we stay open for
summerplans !!?
About the "Living in the mirror" project, it will be documented and shown in May-June in Brussels.
Dates and location announced later. Catalogues will be send to all participating children (+/- 300)
who made this wonderful process possible. All those who haven't send "VISUAL POETRY" yet,
can send it till 30 June 2000. All avant-garde visual-, computerpoetry welcome.
By snail-mail please !!
We will fight on in spirit
Luc Fierens
enfant terrible - Mail-artist
Grote Nieuwedijkstraat 411 - B- 2800 Mechelen - BELGIUM
P.S.: please send no big files (only textfiles) to my e-mailaddress because it's my work address
so please keep this in mind. THANKS
You can still see some of our older work & info on the (now finished since '98 but still available)
We hope to make a new site this/next year !!


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