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After being invited by Italian artist Giorgio Del Basso to do an exhibition at the Casa di Tolleranza, in Milano, Italy, which he manages, it arose the idea of organizing a common project with the participation of Argentinian artists linked to Vortice.

This project, named "Caja de Viaje" (Travel Box), consists in a double wooden box containing 23 original works to be displayed outside of it.





Laura Andreoni  .  Alejandra Bocquel  .  Andrea Crdenas  .  Mnica Christiansen

Florencia Crescimbeni  .  Danilo Danziger  .  Fernando Fazzolari  .  Paula Ferraresi

Len Ferrari  .  Fernando Garca Delgado  .  Osvaldo Jalil  .  Ivana Martnez Vollaro

Maribel Martnez  .  Norberto Jos Martnez  .  Nora Menghi  .  Cecilia Nazar

Omar  .  Hilda Paz  .  Juan Carlos Romero  .  Vctor F. Sita

Javier Ildefonso Sobrino  .  Roxana Villarino  .  Leonello Zambn



Double engraiving wooden box containing 23 original works of Argentinian artists.

The size of each box is 50 cms. x 50 cms. x 4 cms.

Limited edition of 3 copies: Three boxes were made: one for the Italian exhibition, a second box for the Barraca Vorticista in Buenos Aires, and a third one for commercial purposes, eventually to support its expenses, then to share the rest of the money among the participants.

The project was organized by VORTICE ARGENTINA and coordinated by Fernando Garcia Delgado and Victor F. Sita.



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