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After being invited by Italian artist Giorgio Del Basso to do an exhibition at the Casa di Tolleranza, in Milano, Italy, which he manages, it arose the idea of organizing a common project with the participation of Argentinian artists linked to Vortice Project.

This project, named "Caja de Viaje" (Travel Box), consists in a double wooden box containing 23 original works to be displayed outside of it.






Laura Andreoni . Alejandra BocquelAndrea Crdenas . Mnica Christiansen

Florencia Crescimbeni . Danilo Danziger . Fernando Fazzolari . Paula Ferraresi

Len Ferrari . Fernando Garca Delgado . Osvaldo Jalil . Ivana Martnez Vollaro

Maribel Martnez . Norberto Jos Martnez . Nora Menghi . Cecilia Nazar

Omar . Hilda Paz . Juan Carlos Romero . Vctor F. Sita

Javier Ildefonso Sobrino . Roxana Villarino . Leonello Zambn




Double engraiving wooden box containing 23 original works of Argentinian artists.

The size of each box is 50 cms. x 50 cms. x 4 cms.

Limited edition of 3 copies: Three boxes were made: one for the Italian exhibition, a second box for the Barraca Vorticista in Buenos Aires, and a third one for commercial purposes, eventually to support its expenses.

The project was organized by Vortice Argentina and coordinated by Fernando Garcia Delgado and Victor Sit.