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"LENGUAS" . PHONETIC POETRY . by Javier Sobrino (Argentina)

CD with 30 tracks performed and recorded by Javier Sobrino, presented at the "5th International Meeting of Experimental, Sound & Visual Poetry" organizated by VORTICE ARGENTINA, Sep. 26 to Oct. 6, 2002, Recoleta Cultural Centre. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Original packaging made by the artist. Limited Edition.







- CD Sound Poetry # 1

22 tracks by the following artists:

Alex Hamburger (Brazil), Augusto de Campos (Brazil), Carlfriedrich Claus (Germany), Carlos Estevez (Argentina), CDaniel (Brazil), Elson Fróes (Brazil), Fabio Doctorovich (Argentina), Harry Polkinhorn (USA), Jamil Jorge (Brazil), Karl Young (USA), Luigi Pasotelli (Italy), Maurizio Nanucci (Italy), Natalie y Michael Basinski (USA), Oskar Pastior (Germany), Philadelpho Menezes (Brazil), Valeri Scherstjanoi (Germany)




- CD Sound Poetry # 2

22 tracks by the following artists:

Enzo Minarelli (Italy), Jaap Blonk (Holland), Jean François Bory (France), Julien Blaine (France)

- CD Sound Poetry # 3

24 tracks by the following artists:

Antonin Artaud, Albert Birot, F.T.Marinetti, Giaccomo Balla, Gertrude Stein, Hugo Ball, Isidore Isou, Velimir Khlébnikov, Marcel Duchamp, Mauricie Lemaître, Christian Morgenstein, Michel Seuphor, Raoul Hausmann, Richard Hulsenbeck, Paul Scheerbart, Tristan Tzara, Wyndham Lewis