"Mail Art in Argentina"

Published by Vortice Argentina Ediciones

December 2005 . 208 pages

Bilingual edition (spanish/english)




An essay written by Belén Gache, in which this art researcher and artist deals with the early manifestations and historical developments of Mail Art worldwide, its connections with other artistic activities, and references to the prevailing cultural context of the times. Specifically in relation to Argentina, she deals with the first Mail Art experiences by Edgardo Antonio Vigo and by Liliana Porter together with Luis Camnitzer, to conclude with references to contemporary artists.
The book also includes writings by early Mail Art artists such as Liliana Porter, Horacio Zabala and a writing by Fernando Davis about Edgardo A. Vigo. Works and texts of personal projects include those of artists Laura Andreoni, Alejandra Bocquel, Hernán Cagliano, Andrea Cárdenas, Mónica Christiansen, Jorge Daffunchio, Rosa Farfán, Paula Ferraresi, León Ferrari, Fernando García Delgado, Mabel Giaccarini, Alicia Gil, Osvaldo Jalil, Maribel Martínez, Norberto José Martínez, Dolores May, Nora Menghi, Omar, Carlos Pamparana, Hilda Paz, Beatriz Ramírez, Juan Carlos Romero, Patricia Salas, Víctor Sitá, Javier Sobrino, Martín Vega, Roxana Villarino, Ivana Vollaro. Moreover, a presentation by Centro de Arte Experimental Vigo and two current texts by artists John M. Bennett (USA) and Vittore Baroni (Italy).





(from left to right): FGD, Hilda Paz, Horacio Zabala, Belén Gache and Juan Carlos Romero

Wednesday 7, December 2005 . Centro Cultural Recoleta, Patio del Aljibe


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