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"Solidarity with Robert Rabin and the

Civil Disobedience Groups of Vieques"




For his prominent activism in the fight to take the US Navy out of Vieques, the community leader Robert Rabin expire six months (until October 7, 2002) in the Federal Jail of San Juan, Puerto Rico. In a similar situation are tens of civil disobedience that crossed the restricted areas trying to stop the continuous military exercises.

Make it them feel our support and solidarity, sending a creative postcard to his place of reclusion.

Donít forget to use the slogan: "Peace for Vieques" on the postcards.

Format: postcard

Deadline date: October 5, 2002

Documentation to all

Send your postcard to:

Robert Rabin 20374-069

MDC Guaynabo, PO Box 2147

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00922-2147


When Robert Rabin gets out of the jail, we will organize an exhibition in Vieques and the Internet with all the postcards received.







July 12, 2002


We denounce prison repression against Robert Rabin and the mistreatment of other Vieques civil disobedients.


Vieques- The spokesperson for the Committee for the  Rescue and Development of Vieques, Ismael Guadalupe, denounced the repressive action by US Federal Prison authorities against Robert Rabin. Rabin was placed in Solitary Confinement also know as "the hole" (today Friday July 12) for writting letters denouncing bad contidions and mistreatment in the US Federal Jail in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Guadalupe stated that even though he has been in prison Bob Rabin has been able to a stream of communications with the outside. Sending messages and proposals from the civil disobedients that are in jail. On Thursday July 11, 2002 Rabin denounced mistreatment against himself, lawyer Hiram Losada and graduate student Pedro Colon Almenas. Guadalupe stated: "It  looks like the denouncements have provoked the federal perison authorities to place Bob in the hole."

Guadalupe stated that he does not have all the information on the true cause for the punishment. He asked all concerned to be watchful of the security and well being of Robert Rabin and the other civil disobiedients for Vieques in the US Federal Prison in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Contact: Ismael Guadalupe

Phone: (787) 741-2304


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