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Postcard for Vieques by Elías Adasme







Since 1941, the puertorican Island of Vieques has been used as practice and firing range for the troops of the US Navy. Until today 60 years of continuous bombing and military practices have gone by, as a result, we have polluted land, high cancer rates and a denigrating underdevelopment in all levels among the population of Vieques. Yes, although it may be  hard to believe, Vieques is inhabited and its population was “relocated” in the middle of the island, but in the East and West zone the Navy  practice with all sorts of ammunitions: high caliber bombs, napalm, agent orange (used in Vietnam War), bullets covered with uranium, beside to rent the lands to other military institutions such as the Pentagon, armies from European and Latin American nations. From Vieques departed the invasion to the Dominican Republic in 1965, the invasion to Grenada and Panama in the 80’s, the Persian Gulf troops in 1991 and the planes that bombed Yugoslavia in 1999.

But the people of Vieques and the great majority of puertorican have said Enough is Enough! On April 99, a Navy bomb killed David Sanes, and since then, the fight to take the Navy out of Vieques has intensified. For a year hundreds of civil disobedience including political, religious and community leaders, peacefully invaded the restricted lands and challenged the US authorities, claiming in their messages what  is their natural and moral right: Peace to Vieques! On May 4, 2000, the US Government in a crass  violation of civil and human right, evacuated the encampments, arresting the civil disobedience, to allow the Navy to continue its war practices.




This quest doesn’t end them. There are multiple strategies under development. As International Group of Mail Art  we make an URGENT CALL to all artists, mail-artists, visual poets, net-art workers and all those in solidarity with this cause, to participate in a wide mailing of art postcards addressed the President of the United States to make him feel our indignation for the unjust abuse that the people of Vieques are suffering. Remember the slogan:



AUMA + Gom@ is an independent, horizontal and non hierarchical organization of artists specialized in Mail Art that from several countries in two continents, are working in the of the Human Rights defense, the denunciation and solutions of the social and ecological problems. Elias Adasme, active member of AUMA, live in Puerto Rico.


Postcards can be sent via regular mail to:
President of the United States
White House - 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington D.C. 20500
Or via E-Mail:


Send a postcard copy to:
Elías Adasme
Calle Georgetown 1009, Urb. University Gardens
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00927-4822.

Send electronic copy by e-mail to:

We are exhibiting this art-postcards at:  VIEQUES EXPO 




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