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   Mail Art Call

   Freedom in the Fine Arts Teaching

    Reinstatement of Humberto Nilo
    The influence of totalitarian regimes in culture


Medium: Free

Max Size: A4

No Jury

No return


The works will be part of the archives that AU MA + Gom@ has in both Europe and America. There will be an itinerant exhibition through Tarragona and Barcelona (Spain), Hamburg (Germany), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Might be another places for exhibition, still without confirmation.

Periodical documentation.

At the end of the exhibitions, a catalogue will be publish and send to participants.

Deadline for the first exhibition (Tarragona): February / 28 / 1999.

Send your works to the first exhibition to:


Boek861/Taller del Sol
Apartado 861
43080 Tarragona


If you send your work for this show, it will be exhibited at all the places of the itinerant exhibition . If you send it for the the second, the work will begin his tour in the second, and so on. In any case you can send your work at any time to any of the organizers (see at the bottom of this page) writting clearly on the back of the work Solidarity with Humberto Nilo.



More information at:

Or writting to the organizers:

César Reglero Campos // Apartado 861 // 43080 Tarragona // Spain
Tartarugo //Apartado 822 // 36280 Vigo // Spain
Montse Fornós // Bailén 199, 2-1 // 08037 Barcelona // Spain
Hans Braumueller // Osterstr, 98 // D-20259 Hamburg // Germany
Clemente Padín // Casilla C. Central 1211 // 11000 Montevideo // Uruguay
Fernando García Delgado // Bacacay 3103 // 1406 Buenos Aires // Argentina
Jose Emilio Antón //Atocha 69 // 28012 Madrid // Spain
Elías Adasme // Urb. University Gardens 1009 Georgetown San Juan PR 00927-4822




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